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IV Therapy & Injections

Whether you need an immunity boost, recovery from illness, hangover relief, skin rejuvenation, or even just a little pick-me-up, our Registered Nurses can assist in choosing the suitable drip for you. 


SKINNY SHOT                    $100

Facilitate weight loss by breaking down fat to use for energy.

15 minutes Session

This injection is a blend of amino acids and B vitamins called Methionine, Choline, Cyanocobalamin (MCC). This combination help facilitate weight loss by breaking down fat to use for energy. This is recommended to be done weekly and in addition to proper diet and exercise. 


FAT BURNER                                 $249

It improves metabolism and controls appetite.

1 Hr Session

These essential amino acids, vitamins, and B12 are the perfect blend to transport fatty acids into mitochondria, which can be burned for energy. An extra benefit is mood improvement and additional appetite control.

Suggested Add-on: Lipo Injection 


ENERGY                                                $199

It helps boost energy and combats fatigue

1 Hr Session

This blend helps combat fatigue, increases serotonin production, and reduces cellular damage to help our body produce energy. 

Suggested Add-on: B 12


BEAUTY                                             $199

Nourish skin, hair, and nails and boost collagen production.

1 Hr Session

It provides essential nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that support our hormone pathways, reduce oxidative stress, and nourishes the body to produce fatty acids preventing premature and visible skin aging.

Suggested Add-on: Mineral Blend 


ACTIVE                                     $199

Help with muscle conditioning, recovery, and endurance.

1 Hr Session

Amino acids and B12 help with muscle conditioning, recovery, and endurance. This blend also assists in our body's nervous system, metabolism, and protein synthesis: BPlex and mineral blend aid in producing and repairing cells and preserving mitochondrial function.

Suggested Add-on - Glutathione 



MIGRAINE                                      $249

Help with a migraine attack and reduce nausea.

1 Hr Session

This multifaceted infusion will improve vascular function linked to migraine attacks and reduces nausea.

Suggested Add-ons: Zofran/ anti-nausea


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